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Authority – Lunar


Unlock the Secrets of Lunar Authorities in Human Design




Delve into the mystical world of Lunar Authority with our comprehensive video guide, uniquely designed for Reflectors in Human Design. This video offers an in-depth understanding of the lunar cycle’s impact on Reflectors, illuminating how this celestial influence guides their decision-making process.


What You’ll Discover

  • Introduction to Lunar Authority: An overview of Lunar Authority and its exclusivity to Reflectors.
  • Understanding Reflectors: Insights into the definition of Reflectors, characterized by a lack of defined centers and channels in their Human Design chart.
  • Lunar Authority Mechanics: The distinction between solar and lunar beings and how the moon cycle affects Reflectors.
  • Tracking the Lunar Cycle: The critical role of lunar transits in influencing a Reflector’s energy and decision-making.
  • Reflectors’ Decision-Making Process: A contrast of decision-making methods between Reflectors and other types with defined authorities, emphasizing the lunar cycle’s significance.
  • The Decision-Making Journey: Guidance on using the lunar cycle for contemplation and achieving clarity, and the importance of not rushing decisions.
  • Environmental Influence: The impact of being in the right environment on a Reflector’s decision-making.
  • Strategies for Gaining Clarity: Practical tips for Reflectors to achieve clarity, including spending time in nature and externalizing thoughts.


Who is this video for?

This pre-recorded video is a must-have for Reflectors seeking to navigate their unique decision-making process influenced by the lunar cycle. It’s also enlightening for anyone interested in the nuances of Lunar Authority in Human Design.


Key Takeaways

  • Immediate access to this informative, pre-recorded video.
  • A thorough exploration of Lunar Authority and its profound impact on Reflectors.
  • Empowering strategies and tips for Reflectors to align with their lunar cycle for optimal decision-making.


Note: This offering is a self-guided, pre-recorded video. It does not include live interaction or the ability to ask questions. It’s an essential resource for Reflectors looking to harness the power of the lunar cycle in their lives.


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