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Episode #164 – Lead Gen by Design Series: Manifestors

Nicole is continuing the Lead Generation by Design Series today and sharing some wisdom for the Manifestors. She’ll provide specific strategies to utilize your energy efficiently in the sales process and give tips on how you should be showing up to draw people in instead of pushing them away.

Here’s a few of the nuggets you’ll get:

  • Why the Manifestor aura can repel and why it’s not as bad as it sounds
  • The difference between informing and asking and why it’s critical to your success
  • The importance of showing up in your full power
  • How “if you build it, they will come” works for you


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Hello and welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design everyone. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and we are here with one of our little “shorty” episodes. This is a continuation of a series we have been doing here on the show called The Lead Gen Series by Human Design. And today we’re going to talk about lead generation for manifestors.

Now this whole series is centered around helping you understand maybe why something hasn’t worked or just how everything with human design that, at least that I teach, is about how to use your energy efficiently. How can we remove resistance from both what you’re able to do? How can we remove the resistance from you being able to do the things that you need to do?

But also remove the resistance of people receiving what you do, because there are some things just in our energetics, and you’ve probably experienced this, where you’ve done something just as somebody else did, but you got a completely different result. People reacted differently to the way that you did the same thing somebody else did.

They got this tremendously wonderful reaction, and yours knocked them. B, knocked people back on their heels. That is. That is what we’re talking about with energetics. There are certain things that are going to work more easily for you than other people and vice versa. Now, I never say that you can’t do anything.

I’m never saying that. People say like, well, as a projector I can’t do this as a manifestor. I can’t do this. I don’t like that word. I don’t like limitations. What I prefer you to look at, and what I prefer you to focus on is that it would benefit me to try this way. And once you try it, once you try working with your design, you start deconditioning and you make that a priority.

You start moving by strategy and authority. You start structuring your life and your business according to your human design. Not in a rigid way, but in a way that supports you, in a way that feels empowering for you. The more you do it, the more you’re going to realize that you don’t want to do it any other way, because it’s so much easier when you live like this.

So lead generation is the same way. There are obviously so many ways that you can generate leads in your business, that you can bring people to you. Now, when we’re talking about type, there’s going to be certain ways that are just easier, more efficient, more effective for certain types.

And when we’re talking about the manifestor, what we’re really looking at here and when we’re looking at anything, with any type, with anything in human design, when we’re talking about type, we’re looking at strategy, we’re looking at strategy, and we’re really focusing on that because that’s how your energy is going to be activated the most easily and in its highest expression.

When you’re following your strategy, you’re in good energy. And when you’re in good energy, people respond well to you. Now for manifesters, y’all have this big repelling aura. They say repelling aura. I hate that word because it sounds so negative, like you’re pushing people away. I really like to look at it like you are, you’re at the front of the line. So your energy has the ability, if you pictured yourself at like the tip of a pyramid, you know, if you’re walking and there were people just piled behind you, now they’re in a crowd and you are standing there and everybody’s standing around. The manifestor,. It’s your job to point in a direction, point yourself in a direction to know where you are going and to say, I’m going this way.

And you’re yelling it to everybody. You’re informing everybody. I’m going this way, we are going this way. This is what I see. This is where we’re going. And then that energy that you have has the ability to pull others along with it. They get swept up in it. Now, yes. If you were to turn around and into the crowd, yell something.

And if you were angry, And if you were telling them what they shouldn’t do, if you were questioning them, they may feel that even if you don’t want to, even if you don’t want them to, you have big, big energy. So it can feel a little like your energy is coming at people. That’s where the repelling word comes from.

But when we’re talking about lead generation, we’re talking about how do you get people to buy into what you’re doing? How do you get people to want to learn more about what you do to pay you? To come into your world, into your free world, your free containers, your free workshops, whatever it is that you’re doing to come onto your email list.

How can you bring people over into your world and ultimately get them to pay you? For the manifestor? Gotta paint the picture for them. You have to tell them where you see things going. Where do you see things going for them? How will everybody benefit? And then what’s your strategy? You inform. Inform, don’t be asking people questions.

Not that you can’t, but it’s not serving you or them. It probably feels disempowering for you. And if it feels disempowering for you, you can’t empower other people. And that is ultimately what your energy is here to do. You’re here to initiate things and you’re here to initiate people, so you have to inform, you’ve gotta shout from the rooftops what it is that you see.

You have to shout from the rooftops where you feel people are going. What is the path that you see so clearly that they maybe not, maybe they can’t see it. Maybe they don’t know where they’re going. Maybe they’re confused and you have that ability to let them know and help them borrow your vision.

It’s what you’re here for. So when you are doing that, when you’re following that strategy of informing and initiating. I’m doing this. You have to decide what you’re doing, and then you just have to tell people. You have to tell people, and you have to tell people in your full power. If you’re halfway in, then it’s not going to work.

Your work is so much more about you and what it is that you see and where- and I saw a post by somebody I know who’s a manifestor, and she was talking about how these ideas dropped in and she just, she knows where we’re going. She knows what this next phase is. And I wrote to her and I was like, oh, manifester magic.

I know she’s a manifestor and she told everybody in her stories and it made you want to know what she was working on. What did you see? Where are you going? What’s this new direction? What’s this new way? I wanted to know, and I kind of chickened out. I was like, oh, you know, like maybe.

And then she’s putting other things out there and she’s kind of giving pieces of where they’re going, where she sees things going, what vision she’s casting, not just for herself, but for anybody who’s game for the ride and she trusts that people will be game for the ride if she’s invested in the ride, if she truly sees that vision and she sees that path that people will follow. That’s what your energy is here to do.

Don’t make it more complicated than that. Don’t make it more difficult for yourself than that. It can be that simple, the hard part for you is waiting long enough and being patient long enough for the real thing to drop in and for you to really commit your energy to that vision.

You don’t have to have, you don’t have to necessarily tell everybody how the how will appear. It’s the vision that’s important, but the informing part, that’s your lead gen. That is what you do. And then every conversation you have with people, it’s standing in that power. That’s what it all comes down to.

So if you’re a manifestor and you’re saying like, oh, I’m putting posts out there, I’m doing things, I’m posting on social media, but I’m not getting any bites. I’m not getting people to follow me. I’m not really activating people. Then my question to you would be, are you really painting a vision for them?

Because it is kind of, if you build it, they will come for you guys. I would say if they, if you believe it, they will come for the manifestor. That’s really what it comes down to. If you don’t believe, neither will they, and that’s true for everybody, but it’s really true for you. If you don’t believe in the vision, then they’re not going to get it either.

They’re not going to believe either. But if you believe, if you are committed wholeheartedly, In the vision that you are casting in whatever it is that you are selling, then people will follow. Then you can just shout it out and just say, DM me for details. DM me for details. DM me this word for details.

That’s the power that you have, so play with that. Let me know what you think about it. And if you’d love this episode, please leave us a review. Do all the things. Please subscribe to the show so you don’t miss any episodes. I like to give a new perspective on human design, show this to you a little bit differently than a lot of the other shows do.

I try to have a unique perspective of how you can practically use human design in your life and your business so that you can be unshakeable. Because that’s what life is about. If you can walk through life with power, then life gets a whole lot more fun and a whole lot easier, everybody. So please go to nicolelaino.me/podcastlinks to see all the things that we have going on.

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 It’ll be launching in June and I cannot wait to bring it to you. If you want to be the first to know and first for pricing and all of that stuff, then please sign up for our wait list. You can go to nicolelaino.me/waitlist, or you could go to that nicolelaino.me/Podcastlinks, and we have all the links to all of our free guides, all of the things that we have going on and that wait list are all on that page for you.

So go to that page, sign up so that I can see you and you’ll be the first to know about this amazing new offer that I can hardly keep my mouth shut about. Anyway, we’re going to leave it here for today. Leave this episode short and sweet. Have a wonderful rest of your day, everyone. Go out there and be unshakeable.

I will see you in the next episode.

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