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Episode #95 Can My Human Design Be Wrong?

Have you ever started investigating more about your Human Design and been disappointed in what you’ve found? This is a lot more common than people realize, many people experience resistance when first diving into their Human Design chart and what it actually means for them. Nicole is talking about this on today’s episode, and sharing with us stories of clients who initially felt resistance to what their Human Design was saying about them. She’s sharing with us how we can utilize our design, even when initially we might feel disappointed in what we find.


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And I’m here, just you and me today, we are going to be talking about a question that comes up a lot. Certainly when people first dive into their human design, this is a question or a can be a particular gripe that comes up. And so you’re on your human design chart. And you wonder, can this be wrong? Can my human design be wrong? Could I be totally could this be totally off? Because what happens is, there’s there’s two things that happen. Generally, when you run your human design chart, you kind of go one way, or you go the other way, which is to, to say that either, I feel totally seen and completely and totally seen, oh, my God, this is like looking into my soul. Or you’re super mad, you’re disappointed. And you wonder, this, this something has to be wrong. Some coordinates have to be wrong, something is not correct, you start questioning whether the doctor put the right time on your birth, on your birth certificate, all of these things, and they’re all totally normal. And what happens is, a lot of people can and do come around to the first one, that if you stick with your design, because here’s the beauty of human design, first of all, and this is something that a lot of people ask too, is like, you know, what do I have to believe in? You know, they start digging into, you know, where did Human Design come from? Is it a cold? Is it this? Is it that and wondering what is it and the truth is, it’s a mechanical system. It requires absolutely no beliefs, it only requires that you try. That you try to experiment, it is an experiment is how it’s described. It is the Human Design experiment. And it is a system a mechanical system for you to use, and to see if it works for you. And what happens is most people that that do at least take that step into experiment, end up coming around to that first one and say, Oh, my God, I feel totally seen. I feel totally and completely in, in my element. Now, maybe possibly for the first time, or maybe since they were a child. But the other one is fine, too. Because if you’re super mad, and you’re disappointed, and you’re questioning it, that’s good, too. Because that’s maybe what you need. Maybe that’s what your soul is calling out for, is for a little bit of questioning. And what that does is it prompts you if you start wondering whether this is whether it’s correct, whether whether your design is right or wrong. You know, you can you can throw Human Design away and dismiss it. You can have a crisis. But the truth is, is that that crisis, all of those things, all of those questions, any of these things are beautiful, whether you think that this is exactly, it’s speaking to your soul, or you think that it’s completely and totally wrong. As long as it sparks something, it is beautiful, because that’s all Human Design is meant to do. It’s meant to ignite a spark in you. It’s meant to activate you in a certain way that causes you to question something, to question the way you’ve been doing things, to question the way you have been perceiving things, to question the way that you have looked at yourself, to question your relationships, to question things in a healthy way. That just invites you to open things up. Because if you’re at all in, you’re diving into this, and I’ve had people come to me and say, you know, I don’t believe in personality tests. And that’s not what this is. It’s not a personality test, because it’s meant to be used. So many of these personality tests, there’s like one very simple application for them, or it tells you some very general knowledge about yourself, but not not necessarily driving you to operate any differently. Not really telling you how you can make your life better through following that particular quiz or whatever it is that that you took, that told you something about yourself. A lot of them are very limiting. And what human design is really meant to do is to get you questioning things so that you start operating in alignment with your energy. Because human design these these are the things that stand out to me. And if you are questioning whether yours is correct or your or you hate it, I hated mine. At first. I was so disappointed. When I first read my chart. I was like this is unremarkable. I thought this was going to Show me, I thought it was going to tell me more about who I wanted to be. The truth is, is that the truth was there. The truth is, is that the truth was there that when I, when I read it when I started to dive into it, I was I, I saw the truth in it. I just didn’t like the truth that I saw. I wasn’t happy with the answers that I got, I wasn’t happy with the validation of some of the things that I perceived as weaknesses. I perceived I wanted to be a manifester, most of us do. Weirdly, I wanted to be a manifester, and I wanted to be a projector, which are totally different things. And the truth is that I, what I have come to see is that I just see beauty and all of these different types, I see. I see how each of these has their own unique strength, including my own design. But, and this happens with so many of my clients too, that even the ones you know, on both sides of the spectrum, the ones that are like this is so me, and then the others that are more skeptical. They, it starts to open up a line of questioning and inquiry in their mind in their energy that gets them wondering, well, what could that be? What could this mean? And that is the reason you took the test in the first place. It’s the reason you put your birthday and your birth time in. Because you are curious about yourself, if something isn’t working in your life, or you don’t feel completely seen, well utilized, recognized, you don’t feel like you are in your total and complete power, maybe you’re burned out any of these things. It opens up the pieces of you that need to be opened, it helps you step into a greater sense of yourself. So one of the big standouts, I think with human design is that when you start to dive into your design, it’s it’s really about this, this incredibly radical sense of self love, and self acceptance, accepting of yourself and loving, I will say like Human Design teaches you how to love the shit out of yourself. Every piece, every bit, and see it as something beautiful and intentional that you are intentionally designed a certain way. So I want you to see that even if you’re disappointed in something that actually, this is what it’s leading to you questioning something you’re like, that’s not me. That’s not me, or that’s not what I want to be, as you’re coming around to either looking for something that’s beautiful in the thing that you are saying you don’t want to be you or something that you’re denying that as you is even the question of how is this mean? I don’t see that. It’s, it’s the worm in your brain kind of like niggling at you, when you know, making you wonder, Well, how could this apply. And that is how the door starts to open, and how you begin to walk through it and see a whole new world. Okay. And then it also, like I’ve always said that human design, it allows you to be by showing you who you are, who you are designed to be. And it shows you where you are not designed to be meaning the areas that you’re probably pouring a lot of energy into incorrectly, we can be anything, it is not meant to limit you. But it is meant to show you where misalignment will show up. And we get to such detail by looking at a misaligned gate, or looking at a misaligned channel or a misaligned center. Or, you know, the grand misalignment of not following your strategy, which is draining your energy doesn’t mean you can’t do that thing. It’s just going to show you a different route to get there, it’s going to show you how you could possibly get there in a way much faster, much easier with much greater joy and greater results at the end. Why? Because you’re in your higher frequency when you’re not acting as the what we call the not self. Because when you stop trying to be who you think you should be, when you stop trying to be who you’re not designed to be, then you’re free to be who you are, who you were designed to be. And that’s the beautiful, beautiful thing. So I have a little story about a client just to kind of give you a picture of how this can work for somebody to be kind of like that’s not me, I don’t get where that’s coming from or be super disappointed because she fell into all of those categories should pretty pretty annoyed. In our in the limitless entrepreneur, that’s my group coaching program. She’s a client in there, and I’m not going to out her with her name, but we We’re working on we work on building out your brand Brooke building out your offers, building out your business, according to your design, not to limit you, but to highlight your strengths. And this particular client she came in, and she found out that she had this, we use the gene keys and we use human design, I use them in conjunction to to help us get to very specific energy about each person, this is how we get it to be very unique to you. And we develop what I call your genius brand. And we were going through this process with with my client. And this is she she heard about her, we were diving into her conscious Sun gate, which is 70% of your energy, which I used to be kind of the It’s Your life’s theme. It is your life’s work in the jinkies it’s known as your life’s work, which is the kind of the overall theme of your life. Now I understand being being disappointed in the life’s work theme at first, because mine is the gate of confusion. Who the hell wants to have that as their life works? Work, life’s work, confusion. I was just like, and the truth is I saw I saw the truth in it. I saw it I wasn’t sitting there saying that wasn’t me, I was just like, No. But through me contemplating. And that’s what the gene keys is about. And that’s honestly what human design is, human design is the mechanical system to go out there and start using this information and using your energy correctly. And the gene keys is the contemplation aspect, to see what these energies really means specifically to you. What doors do they open up in you. That’s why I love that term gene keys, because they really are keys that open up doors to yourself to deeper and deeper aspects of yourself that you would never get to any other way. And it’s just this beautiful unfolding of who you are. So for me, by contemplating the gate of confusion, which the gift is imagination, it’s the it’s the gate of the artists, that’s the archetype of the artist, I so resonated with this, and it’s so opened me up to freely be that and to step out with that front and center my brand, with that being a key piece of what I do. And quite frankly, it’s my North Star. It is my guiding purpose in life, where I know that this is what I’m rooted in. And I also know by knowing the shadow, I know how to transmute that shadow, I know that when it shows up, I know how to handle it. And that means 70% of my energy is in alignment. So I’m able to transcend that misalignment so quickly now I’m like, Oh, I noticed the confusion coming up. What do I have to do, I have to release it. And I have to step into imagination. And I have to admit, I know the shifts that I need to make to change that for myself. In just a moment. I’ve gotten so good at that I can just shift that in a moment. But my client, so we’re going through hers, and she gets to her conscious son. And we’re reading and I’m explaining how this is her life’s work. And it’s the gate 59, which is the gate of intimacy. And it’s the way of intimacy in in the gene keys. And she was just like, I don’t know what this is. Now, if you read some of this stuff. If you go to some of the original writings around the I Ching, or which is where all these gates kind of originate from. If you go to the original writings, you there’s a lot of sexual energy and about mating and reproduction when you talk about the 59 gene key and the 59th gate. And she was just like, I don’t understand what any of this is. This doesn’t resonate at all. I don’t know what you’re thinking, I don’t know what we’re talking about. And she just kind of she was open. She was open to the process. But she was definitely in that category of like, this doesn’t sound right at all. And I’m she was frustrated by it. She was also a manifesting generator. So she got frustrated by not feeling like this was this was working easily for her. And this wasn’t this wasn’t just like, some people hear their life’s work. And they’re like, I knew it. That’s it. Yep. And it gives them this free pass to go and be that way. And to lean further into that and she was just like, I have no idea what this means. Now when you hear intimacy, yeah, you think about sexual intimacy and especially if you read how it’s written, you’re thinking that even more and for her she was just like, I that’s I don’t know how my brand is around like sexual intimacy. But when we say Are to contemplate things a little bit differently. And I want you to see and the reason I’m bringing up this story is her strategy and her type and her type and her strategy authority seem to resonate for she’s like, she’s a manifesting generator, she’s emotional authority. She understood the waiting part, she understood the response. But when it came to some of her specific energies, we went a little bit deeper, she started to question it, reject it, but she was open, she remained open. So she was starting to try to turn that key, and to see what it meant to her. And we worked on a few other gates. And sometimes the other gates can give some context, to the ones that don’t make sense. Some of them we get some more like, okay, these I see. And then that can help you inform the bigger picture and start to make the other ones make a little bit more sense. And some of them take a little while to open up. But that’s what this process is about. So by her hearing, intimacy, and by us talking about it a little bit, and opening up some ways that you can look at it, about it, look at it, because intimacy, yes, it can mean intimacy. physical intimacy, can mean sexual intimacy, it can mean emotional intimacy, it can mean, you know, drawing people going inward to yourself personal intimacy, it can mean getting closer to yourself. It can mean going inward, rather than connecting with things in the outside material world, it can mean a more personal connection to things. It can mean processing, trauma processing, the things that have gone on, inside, it’s an intimate bond, that’s an intimate relationship, that might be doing it with someone else that might be doing it for yourself, so many ways that this can go. And she remained open. And then she had an interview, she actually that interviewed on NPR, and we use these as she was preparing for the interview, we use these keys. And I said to her, I was like, you’re an A I’m like, when I think of NPR, I think of a very intimate conversation. She was a little nervous about this. It didn’t she did amazing. But I think about this, like intimate conversation, it’s this quiet, it feels like you’re in this quiet space, like you’re spying on a conversation. It feels very close, it feels very personal. And we just use some of these keys to highlight how she could approach this interview. And it opened up a whole new way for her. And I do believe that this and some of her offers we’ve been working on one on one offers some ways where she can draw people closer, that she could see this as an innate strength, that people will not only she can see in herself, but that others will see and her that her training, her creating an intimate space won’t feel at all strange, people won’t question it. It’ll feel very authentic to her. And they’ll want to be a part of it. Because it’s authentic energy to her. As long as she’s in the as long as she’s in the higher frequency of that energy. And because it’s about being transparent intimacy, it’s about being honest and open. And just the process of contemplating this, it opened her up. And it’s led her down a whole different path and kind of just created this space for her to be more intimate with herself. And so she I don’t think she’s questioning this any longer, whether it’s right now she’s looking at it through a whole different lens. Why? Because the act of contemplating just that one key, set off a chain reaction of contemplating some other aspects of herself. And that opened her up to an entirely different viewpoint on where she can go with her business, how she can maybe approach more PR, how she can approach her brand, how she can approach her relationships. And this is how it starts. So even if you start by questioning whether something is right, even if you start by saying this sounds like bullshit. But it gets you thinking and it takes you into the next step of just saying, Hmm, and getting you curious. And just taking you down where you try a little bit of it. You try a little bit of the mechanics of the human design aspect. you contemplate a little bit of the meaning of something that doesn’t quite make sense to you. Using the gene keys. You can use human design for that. as well, but the gene keys, I think it really helps when we get down to, to the gates to the channel, seeing how the the energy of each of these gates is working with us. And, and the gene keys to me is that internal blooming. And that energy and Human Design is this mechanical system of this is how I become more productive. This is how I dance with life. This is how the right opportunities come to me and my gifts can be used out in the world. And the gene keys is how the gifts bloom inside of you, become a higher frequency, a higher expression of each of these unique energies that you have in you that are authentic to you. And it gives you a specific placement for them. Certain ones can be used for your voice, certain ones can be used for your branding. There’s it’s this beautiful journey that the jinkies takes you on of self exploration. And the truth is, is that if you even go halfway, if you can take the dip a toe in this water, it will start to change you and help you evolve in ways that the ex the external world never could get you to. It’s this this beautiful unfolding. So even if you’re questioning it, can your human design be wrong? Sure, check your dates, check your times, make sure that everything looks okay that you have all of the correct information. And then just start to ask with some curiosity like like I always say, approach life with curiosity instead of criticism. approach everything that you do with curiosity instead of criticism. And it will have the most profound effect on you. So look at your chart with some curiosity. Dive into it, get a reading, read some blogs, whatever feels right to you. But allow it to do what it’s meant to do. Which is bring you closer to loving yourself. Ask yourself, where am I judging? What am I judging in this chart? Does it not feel real? Or do I just not like it? Is this is this something that rings true to me, but I’m afraid of? Does this somehow ruin my plans, or some idea of what I feel I’m capable of achieving? Does this somehow make me feel like my dreams are not possible, because that’s the those are just that is just your ego getting in the way. So just open it up with a little bit of curiosity and trust that it is leading you some place, and it’s leading you home to who you are. I hope you found this episode helpful. If you haven’t run your chart already, please go over to our site and run your chart there will give you a free advanced chart which most of the other sites will ask you to pay for will give you information in there for free with the the other ones charged for you can go to Nicolelaino.me/chart. And if you then we also have if you sign up for our email list. From there, if you accept the invitation to our email list, you will also get some free information, some free videos on your type and strategy that will help you start to navigate your human design. And please, if you love this episode, please take a little screenshot share it on Instagram. I’m at Nicole Laino official. Tell me what stood out to you in this episode. You can also DM me because I love hearing from you guys. Let me know what what really resonated with you in this episode. Let me know what is it that you love about your chart? And what is it that you wish was different about your chart? Because honestly, the thing that you wish is different will probably have the most expansion possibilities for you. So I’d love to know what those things are. Have a wonderful rest of your day, everybody. I hope that this finds you well. And remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless people. I’ll see you next time.

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